Essential Tips to Protect, Access and Use Data Across On-Premises and Cloud Locations

As organizations seek to implement web-scale IT features for their secondary workloads, including data protection, they need to be able to expand, contract, modify their infrastructure quickly and with minimal effort. What’s more, they must be able to deliver expected outcomes reliably and at a lower cost.

Scale-out infrastructure is a new solution rising to meet these challenges. Offering a single platform for shared compute and storage resources, a scale-out infrastructure simplifies storage for high-volume secondary data and processes enabling organizations to deliver expected outcomes reliably, with greater scalability, and at lower cost.

Consider these ten reasons to take a unified approach for your data protection and secondary storage and discover a more agile way to protect, access and use data across your on-premises and cloud locations.

Commvault 10 benefits to using a scale-out infrastructure for secondary storage