IT organizations are facing an increasingly chaotic technology landscape. Corporate data repositories are more fragmented than ever, with continued annual data growth of 40–50% and rapid proliferation of cloud storage, mobile devices, SaaS applications, and open source innovations. The result is a data protection landscape that’s more complex than ever before. Commvault is one of the leaders in state-of-the-art backup and recovery designed for protection, management, and use of critical data assets. In order to provide comprehensive, independent verification concerning the benefits of Commvault’s data protection portfolio for its customers, IDC conducted a random survey across the company’s worldwide customer base in April 2018. The survey provided a statistically robust sample of 658 Commvault customers representing a cross section of regions, company sizes, and verticals with a 95% confidence level.

Benefits for Commvault Customers

IDC’s survey found that Commvault customers, faced with rapidly growing and complex data management needs, have been able to hold the line or reduce their costs while achieving the additional benefits of reduced downtime, faster recovery, and more efficient litigation support. These benefits have led to improved IT and user productivity gains throughout their organizations. Commvault customers report high levels of satisfaction. These were the result of customers using Commvault solutions to leverage innovative methodologies, address cloud-based applications, and use the cloud to improve the delivery of data protection capabilities. Commvault customers have been able to simplify operations, keep costs in check, and lower risk by reducing downtime and operational exposure while also improving recovery capabilities and data coverage. They have been able to drive value back to their organizations through productivity gains in IT staff and across the organization. While organizations may look at such savings as an opportunity
to improve the corporate bottom line, many Commvault customers are using these freed-up costs and employee hours to become more agile and to focus on more progressive data transformation.

  • Risk Reduction Benefits
    Users of Commvault software are able to reduce risk by: reducing downtime, improving data protection reliability, accelerating recovery, and providing more data protection, reporting, and encryption coverage. The benefits that IDC quantified are as follows:
    Before implementing Commvault, customers could only protect an average of 59% leaving over 40% of data at risk. Commvault enabled them to improve coverage to 93% and triple protection for analytics and encryption.
  • Increasing the reliability and availability of operations resulted in reductions of annual unplanned downtime by 62%. A 62% reduction in annual unplanned downtime is one of Commvault’s more significant value contributions.
  • Commvault increased the percentage of backup jobs completed each week from 76% to 93%. This 17% improvement in jobs completed without intervention allows managers to reallocate these hours to other work or reduce overall FTE hours.
  • Commvault customers were able to reduce the annual chance of failing compliance, failing an audit, or experiencing a data theft or breach by 59%, 61%, and 52%, respectively.
  • Many customers experienced an improved ability to meet their recovery SLA’s. 45% are more often meeting their RPO recovery SLA’s and 46% are more often meeting their RTO recovery SLA’s.
  • File, messaging, VM, and application restore time SLA’s are also being met more frequently. More than one-third of all respondents indicate that they now meet restore SLA’s more often.

Simplification and Automation Benefits

Users of Commvault software achieved cost savings by simplifying, automating, consolidating, and more efficiently operating the data management process:

  • Customers reported that the annual growth rate of data under management is 41%. Commvault solutions have allowed them to manage costs related to data management hardware, software,and services spending.
  • When measured on a per terabyte basis, the cost savings are significant. Commvault customers have seen improvements of between 54% and 75% in management costs related to hardware, services, and eDiscovery. Software costs have improved by 26%.
  • As a result of the growing complexity in IT departments, many customers have pieced together multiple data protection solutions with scattered silos of data. Commvault customers reported that they’ve been able to reduce the number of data protection tools and vendors by up to 36% which saves on software costs, reduces complexity, and leads to improved data protection efficiency. The typical customer has deployed Commvault for 4+ years and, during that period, faced over 41% annual growth in data under protection. Despite the rapid growth and complexity of data under protection, customers have been able to reduce annual overhead devoted to data protection and data management tasks by an average of 9%..

Productivity Gains

Commvault customers are able to improve IT, employee, and organizational productivity by accelerating recovery, reducing downtime, and streamlining data management. These benefits are as follows:

  • IT Administrative Productivity: Commvault software provides a single focal point for managing data across files, applications, databases, datacenters, and cloud, including SaaS, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. Commvault users reported significant reductions in the weekly hours required to manage data protection and management tasks. They have been able to reduce IT administrative hours by 31% while saving more than $5,000 per week through improved efficiency. This savings is especially impressive given the average annual growth of data under management at 41%.
  • IT Task Productivity: Commvault reduced the hours required to complete discrete tasks including creating a database copy for test/dev, processing discovery requests, recovering key applications, and deploying new VM’s from 49% to 73%. This makes IT staff more productive and the organization more agile.
  • Organizational Productivity: Commvault customers have achieved significant reductions in unplanned downtime.


Commvault is one of the market leaders in backup and recovery. Its converged data management solution impacts the state-of-the-art in backup and recovery and is designed for protection, management, and use of critical data assets. IDC’s survey of Commvault’s worldwide customer base documented consistent, measurable direct and indirect cost savings, and a wide range of benefits that we categorize as simplification, risk reduction, and productivity gains. Taken together, these capabilities and benefits should drive enhanced business outcomes including greater IT innovation, improved employee productivity, and enhanced organizational agility.