Yesterday we met with a delegation of the Dutch Government at in Copenhagen. The purpose was to discuss how they could develop a culture of data driven decision making, rather than relying on year old expertise and gut feeling. We discussed why data-driven decisions are more accurate and better for productivity and cost optimization, which resonated well with the need for improving the Public sector in general. The big questions around privacy and ethics were raised when we touched upon government readiness to adopt advanced data and video analytics in combination with AI.

All together a great day with honest and relevant discussions. A couple of highlights from the discussion below:

  • How to move away from gut feelings to data-driven decisions
  • Data sources is disconnected because it is retained in silos in various departments
  • Feedback reporting delays can interfere with the control of the strategies
  • Data democracy is important – we have a ton of data but poor on insight
  • Leave data where it has been created and focus on integration and outcome
  • Information can be biased and filtered as it propagates through the management chains
  • Often there are significant issues with gaps in the data needed for the decision making
  • Data privacy with Hitachi data and video analytics in combination with Hitachi AI

At the end of the presentation, we went through different urban use cases and we demonstrated an edge to outcome solution running in the local community of the DOLL living lap: The Smart Pole (IoT end-to-end) for lighting, weather and temperature collection in combination with 5G implementation in a city.