In this presentation you will learn how Hitachi bring IoT, AI and Analytics to urban, commercial and industrial areas to increase effectiveness and improve quality of live. When population shifts, and security threats are evolving, the need for innovative thinking increases. Optical sensors create enormous amounts of data, and used in combination with other data sources, they may give your insight for optimizing your business, and improving procedures and safety. For example, enhancing security in airports and other public areas within our towns and cities. Imagine if you can predict abnormal behavior and prevent major incidents from happening.

The IT world is constantly changing, new types of applications are being developed, new infrastructure types come out. As a result, Data is growing not just in quantity but also in different varieties. For organisations, it is important to have a right strategy on how to manage and protect the Data in such complex environments.

Besides exploiting vulnerabilities in technology, social engineering and physical compromise are also key elements of a successful attack, and usually the first point of entry. This presentation will discuss the concept of Red Teaming through real world scenarios and war stories that demonstrate what hackers are capable of doing in order to achieve their objectives.

Thru reducing complexity of legacy infrastructure with fragmented design and management overhead it is evidently possible with the right and cost-effective solutions. This will create an affordable, agile, resilient, easy-to-manage and scalable infrastructure resulting in innovations and a faster time to market for new services. By better utilizing existing resources, the internal IT will also become much more competitive driving mainly new projects instead of managing legacy infrastructure compared to going to the public cloud.

ExtremeAnalytics is a network-based business intelligence solution that captures and analyzes context-based application traffic to deliver meaningful intelligence about applications, users, locations and devices – providing IT with the context to make faster and more effective decisions. Many times, as IT departments get ready to create new solutions, they need to choose between various platforms. They think they know the right answer and move ahead to create the solution only to find out they built for the wrong group. Other times, a company may use one device, such as Windows machines, but a specific group, such as engineering, may run mostly Linux machines. Only by having the right data and the ability to easily check can IT be certain to make the right decisions.

Many organizations consider cloud computing as the next step in the development of their IT environment. Although such a transformation provides many benefits, however, it raises some new challenges and threats. The presentation will show some important technical, business and legal issues regarding migration to the cloud.

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